About Us

A Chiropractor is a registered professional trained to assess the spine and the spine is important for two key reasons:

  1. It houses and protects the spinal cord and the nervous system.
  2. You only have one spine for life and correct alignment of each of the vertebra may help protect the spine from unnecessary wear & degeneration.

Principles of Fife Chiropractic Clinic

  1. A healthy spine is an important part of a healthy body as it ages.
  2. Begin health care with a conservative approach before an invasive approach
  3. The body is the great healer.

Global Trends

Studies have show that the demand for alternative medicine has grown significantly in the past 10 years.

Since 2008, chiropractors are the third largest health profession in the world behind medical doctors and dentists. Although chiropractors do not administer or prescribe drugs or perform surgery, they may counsel patients about nutrition, exercise, and stress management.